Upcoming Events Widget

Upcoming Events Widget

Beekeeper's Upcoming Events Widget for Home will give your entire organization alignment on upcoming events, meetings or trainings.

About Upcoming Events Widget

Bring all of your company level events onto Home for easy access and alignment with the entire organization.

Upcoming Events Widget features

With Beekeeper's new Upcoming Events Widget for Home, team members can easily see company-wide events, trainings, meetings, promotions, etc that affect their work and schedules.

This widget can be configured to pull data from any calendar that exports to an iCal format. If you are interested to learn whether we could pull in your company event information, please reach out to Customer Success or support@beekeeper.io.

Please note: This widget requires a small configuration fee to cover the time it takes our team to connect your iCal to Beekeeper.

Upcoming Events Widget screenshots

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