Synchronize your gastromatic users with Beekeeper

About gastromatic

With gastromatic one place: digital personnel records, shift scheduling, time tracking, payroll and the analytics of key data. gastromatic offers cost-efficient, automated implementations for up-to-date and employee-friendly human resources planning. gastromatic is helping people find new ways of working together, with a tool that helps companies build a strong employer brand.

gastromatic features

This integration can be used to...

Synchronize existing users from gastromatic to Beekeeper:

  • All user information, including profile fields and groups, will be synchronized from gastromatic to Beekeeper
  • User updates in gastromatic will automatically be mirrored in Beekeeper

Inform users via chatbot in real time about:

  • New shift schedules
  • Shift changes
  • Confirmed/rejected leave requests (vacation, PTOs, etc.)
  • Late clock in and clock out, or unconfirmed work assignments

Create a more seamless user experience for your frontline teams:

  • All chatbot messages are linked to the gastromatic app. With only one ""click"" the user gets the required information

Gastromatic - the all-in-one staff planning tool

gastromatic screenshots

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