UKG Pro Workforce Management

UKG Pro Workforce Management

Show up-to-date shifts, automate shift communication, and mute notifications off-shift with Beekeeper & UKG UKG Pro Workforce Management

About UKG Pro Workforce Management

Discover the power of a global leader in workforce management with UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly UKG Dimensions). Built on an intelligent platform, UKG Pro Workforce Management provides operational insights and elevates your greatest driver of success: your people.

UKG Pro Workforce Management features

Fill shifts faster, easily address shift requests, and reduce legal risks related to wage and hourly labor laws with both of Beekeeper's UKG Pro Workforce Management shift integration.

Cover every shift

Avoid team members missing shifts because they didn’t know their schedule—deliver up-to-date shift schedules in Beekeeper and notify frontline workers about changes.

Display the most up-to-date shift information in Beekeeper

Employees can access their personalized shift schedule on-the-go in the Beekeeper app and receive notifications if their shift schedule has changed. Managers don't need to manually inform workers of shift changes and reduce time wasted on inefficient scheduling communication.

Free up time for your frontline managers

Forget time consuming phone trees and frantic texts to cover shifts. Automate shift communication so your managers can focus on more important tasks.

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