Easy access to mobile-first checklists and reporting.

About Checkproof

CheckProof is a digital tool that simplifies and improve your work with health & safety, environment, quality and preventive maintenance checklists. With CheckProof, you can build your own checklists and distribute them to frontline teams on mobile.

Checkproof features

Provide easy access to mobile-first checklists so there’s nothing standing between your frontline teams and operational excellence.

With Beekeeper’s CheckProof integration, you can give your frontline teams one login for all of their workplace communication, plus quality, environment, preventative maintenance and health & safety checklists on mobile.

Keep your whole workforce on track

Sync users from Beekeeper to CheckProof so managers can access checklists and anyone can be assigned tasks.

Ensure information relevancy for different locations, sites, or stores

Sync Locations from Beekeeper to CheckProof so users have access to the most relevant checklists and procedures for their job and work site.

Provide one easy login for all workplace communication and operational checklists

Enable Single Sign-On to CheckProof from the Beekeeper More Tab, making it easy for managers and auditors to find and access safety checklists.

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