SMS Campaigns

SMS Campaigns

Reach your employees who don't have smartphones with SMS messages.

About SMS Campaigns

For your frontline workers who don't have smart devices, SMS Campaigns ensures that these employees stay just as connected as their teammates. SMS Campaigns enables you to send custom SMS messages to select Groups in the Campaign feature you already know.

About SMS Campaigns Integration

Start a new Campaign and select the Groups you want to target. You can send SMS messages to two target segments: ""Never logged in (contactable by SMS)"" and ""All users with mobile phone (contactable by SMS)"". Then, compose your message and complete the Campaign like usual.

You can also use SMS Campaigns to:

  • Onboard employees onto the Beekeeper app faster by sending the app download link via SMS
  • Send important communication like location closures, product recalls, shift delays, extended working hours, and other reminders to ensure all employees receive the information
  • Communicate with employees in areas with little or no internet access

SMS Campaigns screenshots

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