Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Connect your office and frontline workforce across platforms

About Microsoft Teams

With Beekeeper’s Microsoft Teams integration, you can connect your desk and frontline workforce using the communication tools they already know and love. 

Amplify Microsoft Teams announcements by sharing them to a Beekeeper Stream of your choice and capture all employee feedback and suggestions by automatically sending Beekeeper Forms submissions to Teams. Now, you can easily share content between Teams and Beekeeper and maximize your investment in employee communication.

Microsoft Teams features

Reduce response times

Speed up your desk-based team’s response time to employee requests. Send Beekeeper Form submissions directly to a Teams channel. Easily share responses back to Beekeeper and communicate seamlessly between the platforms.

Streamline employee feedback

Eliminate silos that prevent employee feedback from reaching your corporate teams. Quickly respond to employee suggestions, encourage engagement, and show your frontline teams that you value their input.

Never miss an announcement

Share announcements from Teams to a Beekeeper Stream of your choice at the click of a button. Comments and reactions will be shared between platforms!

Microsoft Teams screenshots

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