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About Bontique

Bontique offers you an exciting and straightforward model of how the Bontique-Check owner can shop, stay overnight, eat with you and much more.

Bontique does not work with fixed packages or products but always with a value. The check owner decides on the redemption page, at which acceptance points he wants to spend the amount and exchanges the Bontique code or brings the Bontique-Check as a means of payment.

We are a pure mediator. The check and / or service is the responsibility of the check owner at the acceptance point. Their terms and conditions apply.

Bontique raises a fixed commission on the mediated amount. Upselling remains 100% of the acceptance location.

About Bontique Integration

There are three ways to redeem the Bontique-Check:

Online Shop You have an online shop? The check owner exchanges the Bontique value directly on our homepage in an online code (value) of your shop and then buys online with you.

Gift Card Do you sell gift cards from your shop? The check owner exchanges his Bontique value directly on our homepage into a gift card and enters his contact details. Afterwards, the gift card will be sent by you.

Local Offer Do you have a local business and would like to accept local Bontique-Checks as a means of payment? We give you access to our system and you debit the value directly in the system.

With a wide range of offers, we have a nationwide network of acceptance points throughout Switzerland. Whether hotels, wellness, online shops, leisure activities, travel and much more.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Exciting target group (corporate clients throughout Switzerland)
  • No adjustment costs
  • Very moderate effort
  • Fair mediation commission
  • Upselling remains 100% at the point of acceptance

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