Bucketlist Rewards

Bucketlist Rewards

View Bucketlist recognitions in a Beekeeper stream and automatically update employee information in Bucketlist

About Bucketlist Rewards

The Bucketlist platform makes it easy and fun for employees and managers to recognize and reward one another for milestones, achievements, and a job well done. It’s so easy as it integrates with the programs you already use every day. Unlike any other recognition program, Bucketlist enables companies to reward employees exactly the way they want, resulting in a 97% product satisfaction score. There are thousands of rewards to choose from, plus you can add custom rewards to suit your company.

Reap all the benefits of employee recognition and rewards:

  • Higher employee engagement and productivity
  • Increase retention and reduce voluntary turnover
  • Boost morale

In addition to recognition and rewards, Bucketlist also allows you to give awards including nominations, and schedule and plan events. It’s your ‘all-in-one’ solution.

Bucketlist Rewards features

Bucketlist Rewards seamlessly integrates with Beekeeper to easily recognize and reward employees – without manual data entry or extra logins.

Manage users in one platform

Automatically add and remove staff with the integration – no more extra, unnecessary work of updating employee information in Bucketlist.

Points and rewards in one account

Employees will be able to see their points balance and awards badges directly in their Beekeeper profiles.

One easy login across both platforms

Enable Single Sign-On to Bucketlist Rewards from Beekeeper, making it easy for peers and managers to recognize and award teammates.

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