Workday integration with Beekeeper

Workday integration with Beekeeper

Synchronize your Workday users with Beekeeper

About Workday integration with Beekeeper

Workday is the leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for human resources, payroll and financial management, providing new levels of business agility for a fraction of the cost of buying, deploying and maintaining legacy on-premise systems.

Workday integration with Beekeeper features

If you use Workday Human Capital Management to manage your workforce information such as employee information, payroll, payslips and more, the Beekeeper integration allows you to automatically synchronize your Workday employee information with Beekeeper so that this employee info is always current.

Since you already have crucial workforce information in your ERP system, why create extra work by creating new profiles for each employee? Automatic user synchronization reduces unnecessary duplication of employee information and lowers migration time. Workforce information is automatically onboarded when employees join the team, or offboarded when there are staff departures.

Seamless User Management Automatically synchronize workforce information from Workday with Beekeeper so your data is always current

Easy Setup, No Maintenance Easily set up your integration with our expert Success Team, no IT support or maintenance required

Custom Segmentation The integration will instantly organize your employees into groups according to their profile fields

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