UKG Ready

UKG Ready

Automatically sync users and shift information from UKG Ready to Beekeeper

About UKG Ready

Manage the entire employee journey with ease, from a single solution. Designed to simplify and delight, UKG Ready™ combines the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time to deliver a personalized, people-centered experience that cuts out busy work, increases efficiency, and helps you maintain compliance.

About UKG Ready Integration

Fill shifts faster, easily address shift requests, and sync employee information with both of Beekeeper's UKG Ready integrations.

**Synchronize employee information from UKG Ready to Beekeeper **

Easily manage employee information and keep your internal communication secure with Beekeeper's UKG Ready user synchronization integration.Scale your organization with Beekeeper as you grow and take the headache out of user management.

  • Automatically add current and new employees in UKG Ready to Beekeeper
  • Automatically suspend users in Beekeeper when they are terminated in UKG Ready
  • Replicate your existing groups, locations, and departments in Beekeeper
  • Choose which profile fields to include
  • Customize the frequency of the sync to your needs

Display the most up-to-date shift information in Beekeeper

Cover your shifts by ensuring your frontline workers know when their next shift starts. Employees can access their personalized shift schedule on-the-go in the Beekeeper app and receive notifications if their shift schedule has changed. Managers don't need to manually inform workers of shift changes and reduce time wasted on inefficient scheduling communication.

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