UKG HR Service Delivery

UKG HR Service Delivery

Provide easy access to HR support and paperwork to your frontline teams

About UKG HR Service Delivery

Provide your people with a personalized workplace experience — anytime, anywhere — while improving HR’s agility and impact. UKG HR Service Delivery™ provides a better way to support employee requests and their important life-work moments, through HR digitization, process automation, and service-level insights.

UKG HR Service Delivery features

Bring tasks to where your frontline employees are

When employees are assigned a task in UKG HRSD, they are notified and can see task details in Beekeeper. They can then seamlessly access UKG HRSD to complete the task.

Increase task completion rates

Leverage Beekeeper’s mobile-first solution built for the frontline. Deliver task notifications that your frontline teams will see.

Improve the frontline worker experience

Bridge the ‘last-mile’ gap between UKG HRSD and your frontline workers. Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of task management and communication.

UKG HR Service Delivery pricing

Please request a demo to learn about integration pricing.

UKG HR Service Delivery screenshots

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