Talent Pool

Talent Pool

Invite former employees to your Talent Pool to keep in touch and easily rehire them when needed.

About Talent Pool

Hiring is a challenge - finding the right candidates and onboarding new employees is costly and time-consuming. Talent Pool reduces the costs of hiring by building your network of high-quality former employees to tap into when your next hiring need arises.

Talent Pool features

Create a source of high quality candidates

Rehire previous employees to reduce onboarding time and increase efficiency across your business.

Save time and money in hiring

Reduce time-to-hire for your business by sourcing directly from your own Talent Pool of seasonal workers, temporary staff or furloughed employees.

Develop a strong brand reputation

Start building a relationship with your former employees by adding them to your Talent Pool.

Build a fully compliant Talent Pool

Access up-to-date profiles of former employees and reconnect with them without hassle - we take care of regulatory requirements like GDPR.

How Your Talent Pool Works

Integrates with your HR processes

Simply share your unique invite link with workers that are going through your off-boarding process or automatically invite users when their Beekeeper account is suspended or deleted.

Your Talent Pool at your fingertips

View the up-to-date profiles of your previous employees in your Talent Pool.

Source verified talent

Quickly filter your Talent Pool and reconnect without hassle. Re-hire your best talent in just a few clicks.

All in one account

Access your Talent Pool directly from Beekeeper - no separate log-ins required.

Talent Pool screenshots

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