Peoplegeist Micro-Polls

Peoplegeist Micro-Polls

Drive continuous improvement with real-time feedback and action communication

About Peoplegeist Micro-Polls

Peoplegeist provides real-time employee feedback for blue-collar and front-line service workers, feedback analytics and action communication based on micro-polling for leaders who want to measure and drive continuous improvement at their organization.

Peoplegeist Micro-Polls features

Peoplegeist's integration allows you to deliver micro-polls directly into employee's Chats in Beekeeper.

Reduce survey fatigue

Get actionable insights without frustrating your employees with long surveys. Micro-polls are quick and easy to understand.

Seamless feedback experience for your frontline workers

Links to micro-polls are sent directly to employees via Beekeeper Chat. No additional log-in required.

Increase micro-poll completion rates

Employees don't have to download another app. Micro-polls are delivered to where employees already are - in Beekeeper.

Peoplegeist Micro-Polls screenshots

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