Peoplegeist Micro-Polls

Peoplegeist Micro-Polls

Voice-based problem- & idea-collection for continuous improvement process.

About Peoplegeist Micro-Polls

Peoplegeist enables shop floor and front-line workers to provide process-feedback via voice in 100+ languages/accents. Benefit from ideas and incremental process improvement by involving your team in your continues improvement process. Feedbacks can be collected 100% anonymously

About Peoplegeist Micro-Polls Integration

Voice-based feedback collection Employees can leave a quick 5-sec voice message anytime workplace or process frustrations happen. We integrate a “feedback”-link into beekeeper app. Increase number of improvement messages submitted. Reduce workflow-interruption. Automatic feedback analysis A link to the dashboard is provided to review all submitted feedbacks. Similar feedbacks are grouped together. Mentioned problems are listed by urgency. Simple Kaizen Kanban action tracker Share with the team the collected feedback and discuss solutions at a Kanban board. Empower the quality-manager to show action-progress and impact.

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