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The future of manufacturing - Improve production machine efficiency by up to 30% and maximize your output with a better-organized production cycle and the clarity of an information-rich environment through digitizing your machines with Haris Digital.

About Haris Digital

Haris Digital captures real-time data and key manufacturing metrics to prevent future downtime and maximize manufacturing outputs by collecting and leveraging your data. Their easy to install wireless IIoT sensors provide accurate, real-time data streams from any production machine within 24 hours. Their system collects and visualizes the key manufacturing metrics and immediately triggers machine breakdowns with real time alerts through notifications in Beekeeper. Haris Digital can be used for plastics, CNC machinery, food manufacturing, textile, sheet metal or rubber moulding and many more.

Haris Digital features

Reduce efficiency loss by up to 30%

The wireless IIoT sensors provide real-time data streams from any production machine so you can accurately measure downtime.

Optimize production

The system collects and visualizes your key manufacturing metrics to provide actionable insights. Organize your workflow in your factory so your team can constantly improve the production output.

Prevent future downtime

The deep-level AI algorithms assist you in maximizing manufacturing outputs and prevent future downtime with immediate notifications in Beekeeper. Keep your team updated on the machine status at any time.

Haris Digital

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