Enterprise Bot

Enterprise Bot

Quickly answer employee FAQs and HR inquiries with an intelligent chatbot.

About Enterprise Bot

With Enterprise Bot’s chatbot integration, Beekeeper customers can reduce L1 ticket volumes round-the-clock across all channels by automating workflows. From smart ticket triage of employee requests and information queries, to re-routing and request fulfillment, our conversational AI streamlines end-to-end operations for enterprises. Our applications are enabled with easy, pre-built integrations with existing applications, contextual understanding, and sentiment analysis.

Enterprise Bot features

Send out Personalized Responses to Employees in Real-Time & 24/7

Provide consistent personalized responses to your employees around your offerings and show up product recommendations based on organizational needs.

Improve Employee Productivity and Quality of Service

Reduce the time employees spend manually looking for information. AI-powered bots source and suggest best answers based on historical data and actionable insights to improve service quality and boost employee productivity.

Optimize Cost-Efficiency

Off-load redundant tasks from employees and auto-respond to 80% of routine queries.

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