Seamlessly connect your workforce to relevant training with one-tap access from the Beekeeper app to deliver a better frontline experience.

About eduMe

eduMe is the leading training platform designed for the deskless workforce. With access to eduMe’s bite-sized training sessions, you can leverage information that better cater to modern learners’ lack of time, technological expectations and shortened attention spans. Employees can instantly access courses via the eduMe widget right on their Beekeeper home screen. Admins can easily broadcast training initiatives to specific teams, roles, locations or the entire company.

eduMe features

Instant Course Delivery

Employees can access training courses, guides, lessons or quizzes instantly through the eduMe widget in Beekeeper. With eduMe frontline employees get the knowledge and training they need to succeed.

High speed to performance

Streamline operations by using existing Beekeeper group segmentation to deliver content, with no need for technical resource. Learners can access content directly from their home screen without passwords or logins.

All in one account - seamlessly

Access eduMe courses and guides directly from Beekeeper Home interface with a seamless link - no additional log-in required.

Improved productivity, compliance and retention

Explain, demonstrate and reinforce crucial learning concepts with interactive content including quizzes, assessments and in-course surveys, created in eduMe and delivered contextually in Beekeeper.

Measure the success of training initiatives

See completion rates and pass rates on training courses directly on the admin dashboard. Alternatively, you can pull real-time data on learner activity into your existing BI tools with eduMe’s APIs and Webhooks.

Create quality content in seconds - with eduMe AI

Instant lesson creation on whatever topic you need to cover. Save time and brain power by letting eduMe AI kickstart content creation - just start by answering three prompts. Transform lengthy documents into bite-sized lessons by uploading PDFs of processes and existing training documents to quickly break down text-heavy training into engaging learning.

Available for desktop and mobile. Please contact your Beekeeper CSM or fill out the form at to learn more about the eduMe integration with Beekeeper!

eduMe screenshots

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