Give your workforce the knowledge they need to succeed, when they need it, wherever they are.

About EduMe

EduMe is the leading training platform designed for the deskless workforce. With access to Edume’s bite-sized training sessions, you can leverage information that better cater to modern learners’ lack of time, technological expectations and shortened attention spans. Employees can instantly access courses via the Beekeeper Shortcut widget. Admins can easily broadcast training initiatives to specific teams, roles, locations or the entire company.

EduMe features

Instant Course Delivery

Employees can access training courses, lessons or quizzes instantly through the Beekeeper shortcut widget. With EduMe frontline employees get the knowledge and training they need to succeed.

Company-Wide Broadcasts

Admins can easily broadcast training initiatives, completion rates and other metrics to specific teams, job roles, locations or the entire company.

Surface Relevant Training

Have the Beekeeper app surface relevant training content and track performance. See completion rates and pass rates on training courses directly on the admin dashboard.

All in one account

Access EduMe courses directly from Beekeeper Home interface with a seamless link - no additional log-in required.

EduMe screenshots

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