Document Library

Document Library

Beekeeper's Native File Sharing Solution

About Document Library

Beekeeper's Document Library is a mobile-first file storing and sharing tool available as part of Beekeeper's Employee Experience Suite.

You have a lot of documents that are relevant to your employees - but with a non-desk workforce, it’s often difficult to ensure these documents are accessible.

Now, it’s easier and faster for you to share the most up-to-date documents with your teams in a secure and accessible folder structure. Thanks to highly customizable access permissions, every employee can find exactly what they‘re looking for. Documents are shareable, easy to read and quick to update.

About Document Library Integration

  • Share images, PDFs, Word documents, Powerpoint presentations and Excel Sheets of up to 10MB each and 100MB total.
  • Save time for your workforce by sharing links to documents and folders directly in posts, chats or campaigns.
  • Eliminate non-secure document sharing on private messaging services.
  • Share files from SharePoint to frontline teams in Beekeeper via Beekeeper's SharePoint integration.

Document Library

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