Custom FAQ Bot

Custom FAQ Bot

Provide instant answers to frequently asked questions specific to your company.

About Custom FAQ Bot

Upload your company’s internal FAQ and this bot will be able to understand, process, and answer employee questions instantly. With Beekeeper’s Custom FAQ Chatbot, Global Admins just need to drop a CSV into a Chat to provide the Chatbot with answers to frequently asked questions unique to your company. The Chatbot can answer questions about company policies, HR information, SOPs… anything you want your frontline employees to know!

With 24/7 access to your company’s knowledge base, your frontline teams will have all the information they need to work safely and efficiently, and managers and administrators can save time for more productive activities.

About Custom FAQ Bot Integration

Continuously Improve Your Knowledge Base

View real-time data to understand which answers are most helpful, and where your workforce needs more information. Add new questions and answers to your chatbot’s knowledge base as you go.

Provide answers your whole team can understand

Beekeeper’s Custom FAQ Chatbot can understand and respond in over 100 languages! Write and maintain your knowledge base in whatever language you prefer — the bot will take care of the translation.

Instant answers, anywhere, anytime

With your knowledge base available via Chatbot, frontline workers can ask questions and find the answers they need on mobile, whenever they need it.

Custom FAQ Bot

Custom FAQ Bot screenshots

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