Chat Archiving

Chat Archiving

Ready-to-build compliance and data privacy API

About Chat Archiving

Build integrations from Beekeeper Chats to your corporate e-archiving systems with the Chat Archive API. Save all or a selection of chats directly to your systems and safeguard access in accordance to your company's archiving practices. The app is supported by a rigorous authentication and authorization process and is in accordance with the safekeeping of the personal private sphere.

This integration is made available by Beekeeper as an API, which can be accessed and built upon by your internal IT team.

At Beekeeper we recognize the importance of protecting the content and securing access to all chat communication channels. Its importance is given not only by data protection and privacy regulations, but also by business communication retention laws and regulations that apply in many of our customers’ jurisdictions. The chat archive API is designed to serve a wide range of compliance purposes.

In order to use this API, we require written approval from your company’s legal and compliance department.

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