Empower frontline managers to make data-driven decisions with real-time data.

About Blent

BLENT is a powerful data platform for the Hospitality industry that automatically collects and centralizes data from various systems across multiple properties. Easily build customized dashboards and reports to show progress on the KPIs and metrics that you care about.

With Beekeeper, your hospitality frontline leaders can view dashboards relevant to them directly in their Home screen. Share the right information with your teams to help them perform better.

Blent features

Share valuable insights with your teams

Support your team to achieve their performance goals by sharing key information with them.

Personalize dashboards for each team or manager

Build customized dashboards according to easily analyze data relevant to you.

Save time with automated and real-time information

Don’t waste time manually updating dashboards and reports.

Demo of Blent embedded as home widget inside the Beekeeper app

Blent screenshots

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