Share hands-on expertise through video calls using augmented reality.

About Ario

With Beekeeper’s Ario Connect integration, you can give your frontline teams access to two-way video calls to manage remote problem-solving and enhance productivity and guidance seamlessly in Beekeeper. Callers can visually interact in real-time by drawing, placing directional symbols for live instructions, sharing 3D models that indicate or explain specific parts of equipment, and chatting in real-time.

Ario features

Minimize downtime

Minimize equipment downtime and human errors by delivering help where it’s needed.

Manage remote problem-solving

No need for teammates to be in the same location with troubleshooting and empower experts to direct new teammates through complicated tasks.

Ensure nothing gets lost in between the lines

Relying on audio communication in a noisy environment is difficult. Ario Connect allows you to visually share information to enhance collaboration and reduce errors.

All in one place

Access Ario Remote Assistance calls directly from Beekeeper - no additional log-in required.

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Ario screenshots

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