Onboarding & The Employee Journey

About Appical

Appical is the easy-to-use and effective platform for onboarding and retaining your employees. We empower organizations to create memorable employee experiences by making it easy for you to create workflows, build employee journeys and improve connections while providing you with the data you need to make better decisions. We provide you with the data and track metrics you need to continuously improve your onboarding experience.

About Appical Integration

Digitize and boost the employee experience through innovative technology, so employees are successful in their everyday job. Employees can seamlessly access Appical through Beekeeper Navigation Extensions to easily access their onboarding resources.

Help make your new hires feel welcome

Welcome your new talent before their first day with personalized welcome messages and deliver an unforgettable Pre- & Onboarding experience.

Increase employee retention and productivity

Strengthen your employer brand by turning your talent into heroes by providing them with all the information they need to hit the ground running.

Give your (new) employees the content they need

Easily schedule accomplishable blocks of content to be unlocked at relevant moments, like personal welcome videos, engaging quizzes or well-timed to-do lists.

This is Appical - The Ultimate Onboarding Experience

Appical screenshots

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