SalesBoost Training

Skills-based online training for Hospitality sales teams

About SalesBoost Training

Optimize your hospitality sales training with Beekeeper and SalesBoost. SalesBoost is a new revolutionary training program for hospitality sales teams that boosts confidence, performance and most importantly, results.

The Beekeeper SalesBoost integration combines powerful online hospitality sales training and internal communication to make sure your hotel sales professionals are prepared and performing.

SalesBoost Training features

Increase the number of employees completing online trainings

Make SalesBoost courses easy to access with seamless sign-on from the Beekeeper More tab

Keep your sales team up-to-date on trainings

Automatically send team members links to new courses or certificates via Beekeeper Chat so they can easily find and complete outstanding trainings

Easy Onboarding

Sync users from Beekeeper to SalesBoost so they’re set up and ready to start boosting sales