Shift Schedules

Shift Schedules

Beekeeper's Native Shift Schedule Communication Solution

About Shift Schedules

Cover every shift with Shift Schedules — part of Beekeeper's Employee Experience Suite.

Ensure every employee has access to their most up-to-date shift schedule, no matter where they are. Save time and effort for your frontline workers by delivering the latest shift schedule straight to their mobile devices, on a platform where they can directly contact their managers and team mates.

Shift Schedules features

Shift Managers set the schedule and Beekeeper does the communication, sending push notifications and updated schedules to team members when their schedules are updated.

Use Beekeeper's Excel template to create shifts and upload them to the Dashboard, Beekeeper's UKG Ready, UKG Dimensions, and UKG Workforce Central integrations, or build your own integration to your preferred scheduling tool with Beekeeper's API.

Shift Schedules
Shift Schedules

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