About Personio

Automate HR tasks and document sharing with our Personio integration. Save HR managers time and effort by instantly updating employee information in both platforms when changes are made in either Beekeeper or Personio. Bring payslips and documents to Beekeeper, which your frontline teams rely on for their daily work. HR managers and team leads can continue managing documents in Personio while eliminating the need to share documents manually with frontline employees.

Personio features

Beekeeper's Personio integration enables the following:

  • Bi-directional user sync between Beekeeper and Personio: if a manager adds an employee or makes a change to an existing employee in Personio, those changes are automatically synced to Beekeeper, and vice versa.
  • Document sync from Personio to Beekeeper: documents in Personio can be shared to Beekeeper in two ways:
    • synced to Beekeeper's Document Library
    • sent via individual chat message in Beekeeper as a PDF directly to employees if the documents contain sensitive and/or personal information, like payslips.

Personio screenshots

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