Give employees easy access to mobile-first, gamified online learning.

About MobieTrain

MobieTrain is a mobile-first microlearning platform. If you use MobieTrain to train your frontline teams, this Beekeeper integration can help them easily find and access new courses. Their content management system (CMS) allows clients' administrators to easily upload their own branded content, without any prior experience in e-learning or instructional design, and allocate them to segmented user groups at scale. The application inspires employees with knowledge at their fingertips in a fun, engaging way, wherever they are. The dashboard provides actionable insights to management with clear KPIs on activation, engagement and knowledge in real-time. Their user-friendly and intuitive learning layout is especially suitable for front-line staff in Retail, Hospitality, Care, Supermarkets, Service Stations, Field Services, Telco, and many other verticals with remote workers.

MobieTrain features

Boost employee knowledge and performance with Beekeeper and MobieTrain.

Ensure alignment across your organization

Increase participation in online trainings by making them easy to access from Beekeeper.

Get the most out of your LMS

Increase MobieTrain usage by providing Seamless Sign-On from the Beekeeper More tab.

No technical support required

Beekeeper and MobieTrain will help you set up your integration.

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