Make sure that your employees are always up to date on courses and training thanks to Coursepath and Beekeeper.

About Coursepath

Coursepath is a mobile-first Learning Management System for all of your company's training and qualification needs. With simple, easy-to-use editing tools and a user-friendly training interface, Coursepath makes it easy for managers to create, update and share important trainings with their whole teams, regardless of location or time zone. If you use Coursepath to train your frontline teams, this Beekeeper integration can help them easily find and access new courses.

Coursepath features

Help frontline teams stay on top of training

Increase participation in online trainings by sending team members reminders and updates from their LMS via Beekeeper Chat.

Get the most out of your LMS

Increase Coursepath usage by automatically syncing users from Beekeeper.

No technical support required

Beekeeper and Coursepath will help you set up your integration.

Features in detail

  • Automatically sync users from Beekeeper to Coursepath so that your employees are quickly set up and ready to access courses
  • Provide seamless access to Coursepath from the Beekeeper “More” tab
  • Easily assign new employees to courses by sending account activation links via Beekeeper Chats
  • Keep your workforce engaged in learning by automatically notifying employees in Beekeeper Chats when they have been added to a course, received a reply to their comment, and unlocked a badge. Employees will also receive course completion reminders a week before the due date.


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