SWIT EuroTime

Send personnel information from EuroTime to users in Beekeeper.

About SWIT EuroTime

SWIT Solutions AG is a Swiss company that provides software solutions and IT services for more than 500 well-known companies in the hotel, catering, mountain railway, healthcare, commercial and industrial sectors. EuroTime is a modern industry software for efficient staff resource planning and time recording, making companies more efficient, employees more productive and processes more transparent.

SWIT EuroTime features

Increase transparency and save your HR team time by sending staff information from EuroTime to users in Beekeeper.

Make time recording accessible on mobile devices

Send updated PDF timesheets from EuroTime to individual employees, entire teams or your entire commercial staff in Beekeeper with just one click.

View hours and credit balance in Beekeeper

Create profile fields called ""holiday balance"" and ""time balance"" - the integration automatically updates these with the remaining vacation days and the hourly billing of your employees.

“Here on the mountain, few employees have access to a PC, but almost all of them have a smartphone. That is why we have been relying on the innovative solutions EuroTime and Beekeeper for years. Thanks to the integration of EuroTime with Beekeeper, we can make time recording and deployment planning on mobile devices quickly and efficiently accessible to our employees.” — Martin Hänni, HR Director & Managerial Officer of Zermatt Bergbahnen AG

SWIT EuroTime screenshots

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