Google Calendar

Set up automated workflows in Beekeeper from Google Calendar triggers with a Zapier Google Calendar integration

Google Calendar features

The Google Calendar Zapier Integration allows you to build automated actions and workflows based on the following triggers:

  • New Event
  • New Event matching search
  • Event Start
  • Event Cancelled
  • New Calendar
  • Event Ended
  • New or Updated Event

These triggers allow you to create the following Beekeeper actions:

  • Send message to individual Chats
  • Send message to group Chats
  • Post in a Stream

Ideas to get started:

  • Birthday Celebration: Automated Stream Posts to celebrate the Birthdays of your employees
  • Event Reminders: Automated Stream Posts for important Events that are arriving
  • Meeting Notification: Automated Chat messages to notify about the next meeting that is starting

If you wish to use this integration, please ensure you have a Zapier account. For more information on how to set up Zapier, please refer to our Help Center Article.