Employee Referrals

Fill open roles with high-quality candidates by managing employee referrals in Beekeeper.

About Employee Referrals

Fill open positions faster with high-quality candidates while using fewer HR resources. Employees can easily submit referrals right from the Beekeeper Home screen and hiring managers see a clear overview of referrals to follow up on. Our integrated solution fits into your current HR processes - applicants enter existing application flows without additional overhead to the team.

Employee Referrals features

Reduce hiring time

Referred candidates have shorter hiring cycles than non-referred candidates.

Improve quality of hires

Employees tend to refer high-quality candidates with similar values.

Reduce your hiring costs

Employee referrals are one of the most cost efficient ways to gather applications.

Increase employee retention

Referred employees tend to stay with the company longer, further reducing your hiring costs.

Find candidates for hard to fill roles

Amplify your most sought after or hard-to-fill roles by sharing them internally in the Beekeeper app.

Employee Referrals pricing

We are currently pilot testing the Employee Referral Widget. Please fill out the "Request integration" form for pricing details.

Employee Referrals screenshots

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